Gabapentin 800mg
June 5, 2023

Gabapentin 800mg is frequently prescribed to treat canines’ pain, anxiety, and seizures. Originally developed as an anticonvulsant (anti-seizure) medication for humans, it is frequently used “off-label” (i.e., without FDA approval) in dogs, which is a common practice in veterinary medicine due to the exorbitant costs associated with obtaining FDA approval for each species and treatment. Despite the paucity of dog-specific research, it appears that Gabapentin 800mg is both safe and effective in canines.

Gabapentin 800mg is marketed under the brand names Neurontin, Aclonium, Equipax, Gantin, Gabarone, Gralise, Neurostil, and Progresse, as well as the generic designation.

Gabapentin is used to treat partial seizures, nerve pain, and restless leg syndrome in humans, whereas in canines it is used to treat seizures, anxiety, and nerve pain. It works by blocking calcium channels in the brain to suppress neurons that are excessively stimulated, thereby preventing anxiety, nerve pain, and seizures.

Gabapentin 800mg: Is it Safe for Dogs?

Overall, gabapentin is safe, but certain precautions should be observed. Never give your dog liquid gabapentin intended for humans. The reason is not the gabapentin itself, but rather the xylitol it is typically blended with. This artificial sweetener is safe for humans but lethal for canines. Do not administer gabapentin without the advice of your veterinarian. It is not the most effective medication for a variety of conditions, it can interact with other medications, and it has adverse effects.

The most frequently reported adverse effects of gabapentin in dogs are sedation and loss of coordination, both of which may be more pronounced the first time the dog consumes the medication. Typically, both adverse effects disappear within 24 hours. Vomiting and diarrhoea have been reported less frequently.

In humans, Gabapentin 800mg is only metabolised by the kidneys, but research indicates that in canines, it is also metabolised by the liver. Therefore, canines with kidney or liver problems may experience longer-lasting side effects. Long-term use of gabapentin may necessitate monitoring of kidney and liver blood values by your veterinarian.

5 milligrammes every 12 hours to 10 to 30 milligrammes every 8 hours are the recommended dosages. Your veterinarian will likely begin with a low dose and gradually increase it. Inform your veterinarian if your dog also takes antacids or opioids such as hydrocodone or morphine.

Antacids and opioids can interfere with the absorption and metabolism of gabapentin, respectively. If your dog is taking gabapentin prior to an anaesthetic procedure, although it is generally safe, you may wish to temporarily reduce the dosage.

How to administer Gabapentin 800mg to a dog

Gabapentin is a human-approved oral medication available in 100-milligram, 300-milligram, and 400-milligram tablets. Also available in liquid form, but sometimes formulated with xylitol and therefore unsafe for canines. If your dog is very small or refuses to take pills, a compounding pharmacy can create gabapentin in the form of smaller tablets or a safe liquid.

Follow your veterinarian’s dosage and administration instructions. It can be administered with or without food, reaches its peak efficacy one to three hours after administration, and wears off in 24 hours (or longer if your dog has liver or kidney problems). It is typically administered two to three times per day.

Gabapentin recommended for dogs.

  • Gabapentin is a medication used to treat canine anxiety, pain, and epilepsy.
  • Gabapentin’s anticonvulsant properties make it an effective adjunctive treatment for canines with refractory seizures or ineffective pharmacological regimens.
  • Gabapentin is also an analgesic, meaning it alleviates neuropathy- and chronic pain. It is most frequently used to alleviate persistent joint discomfort caused by degenerative conditions.
  • Despite its traditional use for treating seizures and discomfort, gabapentin is now used as an adjunctive treatment for canine anxiety.

Can Gabapentin and Trazodone be administered concurrently to dogs?

Gabapentin is frequently combined with other medications. To treat anxiety, trazodone and gabapentin is a common combination. The combination is so ubiquitous that it is available as a pre-blended pill.

The Chill Protocol, a management solution for fearful and aggressive canines, combines gabapentin, melatonin, and acepromazine to reduce fearful or aggressive behaviour in dogs during veterinary visits. However, you should not combine Gabapentin with other medications or supplements before consulting your veterinarian.

Gabapentin is frequently combined with other anticonvulsants to control seizures. For pain alleviation, it is frequently combined with tramadol or NSAIDs such as carprofen or gapriprant. As these medications target distinct pain mechanisms, they cooperate to control pain more effectively than either one alone.

Substitutes for Gabapentin 800mg

If your veterinarian has prescribed Gabapentin 800mg for your dog, either alone or in combination with another medication, it is likely because it is the most appropriate medication for your dog’s condition. However, despite the fact that Gabapentin 800mg is relatively safe and appears to assist some dogs with anxiety, nerve pain, and seizures, keep in mind that it is not effective for all dogs in all situations. If you observe no improvement, particularly after a week, do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian. There may be additional dosages or medications they recommend.

Order Gabapentin 800mg online:

You have two options for submitting an online order. The first option is to purchase Gabapentin 200mg online and pay in advance. To accomplish this, you must first locate a trustworthy online pharmacy with secure payment methods. After selecting the secure website, you must upload both a prescription and Gabapentin medication information. You can pay with a credit card, debit card, PayPal, or any other accepted digital payment method, and your order will be delivered as quickly as possible to your delivery address.

The second option will help you purchase Gabapentin 800mg Cash on Delivery method. The benefit of submitting an order using cash-on-delivery is that you do not have to pay anything in advance; instead, you simply pay at the time of delivery. This option is advantageous if a user is uncertain of the website or does not wish to provide personal banking information. The procedure for ordering Gabapentin online will remain unchanged; however, you must select the cash-on-delivery option during purchase for the medications to be delivered to your door.

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